Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message






Over the last 5 years of leading the school, my heart continues to be warmed by what I see in the school. We have a collegial team in the School Executive Committee comprising school leaders, heads and subject heads of departments. We have a teaching and staff community caring and wanting the best for the students. Most importantly, we have GEMS in our students who are always teachable and striving to become better selves. That is not all, we have proactive and supportive partners in our GM Alumni, GM Parent Support Group and GM Chinese Church.

When the school decides on the theme “Connect. Nurture. Inspire” for this year, the key objective is to challenge our students to build relationships and care for one another, build on opportunities to learn and be engaged, as well as build on their strengths and passions to stretch themselves.

Passionate Learners

In GM, we aspire to develop every GEM into passionate learners. Our focus is on improving our student-centric curriculum and working with our GEMS to foster a positive disposition towards learning and addressing learning gaps proactively.

GM has continued to hone its Applied Learning Programme (ALP) and Learning for Life Programme (LLP), which includes Student Leadership, Public Speaking, Critical Inquiry and Values-in-Action. Our ALP in Science for Sustainable Development is listed as an area for Direct School Admission, in addition to 3 of our strengths in CCAs – Badminton, Volleyball and Chinese Dance. Our LLP in Student Leadership has continued to review and improve its structures and processes. In 2019, we introduced Peer Supporters for our students to exercise leadership in looking out for one another; we will continue to work towards Every Student a Peer Supporter.

In addition to a strong foundation and passion in learning, we provide opportunities for students to pursue their interests and aspirations, stretching their understanding and deepening their knowledge through various GEMS Challenges, a milestone programme for the Secondary 3s. Students learn valuable skills planning together and take actual steps to master their area of interest.


Courageous Leaders 


Aligned to our vision of developing courageous leaders, the Student Leaders’ Investiture in April officially appoints the year’s Student Council Executive Committee as well as the new Sec 3 Student Leaders and newly appointed Councillors. Outgoing leaders are recognized for their selfless devotion to lead and serve. The investiture serves as a platform to honour the courage and commitment of students who heed the call to serve.

In Semester 1, various training programmes are in place to build and develop the leadership capacity of our students. Cohort leadership training is for the Secondary 1s and 2s to develop their individual leadership capabilities and prepare them for future leadership roles. Training sessions are for different segments of the student leaders: Class Chairpersons, Vice-Chairpersons, CCA leaders, House Committee members, Student Council members and House Committee Exco.


Caring Citizens 

We continue to inspire our GEMS to look beyond themselves and care for people around them. With this focus, our Values-In-Action programmes are intentional and purposefully designed to develop in GEMS a compassionate heart and insightful mind to make a difference to the community that they are in. Secondary 1s are exposed to environmental needs and issues. Secondary 2s examine the needs of the elderly in the community around them. As students progress to the Upper Secondary levels, they focus on understanding societal needs and identify areas of national concerns that they wish to champion for the good of society. This culminates in a Capstone Project in Sec 4/5 where students integrate their competencies built over the years and strive to be advocates of social change.


All of us for all our GEMs

To realise this vision for GM, it will indeed take the whole village, relying and trusting in God’s grace and guidance. Our theme verse this year – “We love because he first loved us” (1 John 4: 19) reminds us that we are recipients of God’s grace first and foremost. As we draw upon His grace, we can find not only strength but also inspiration to connect with our GEMs, nurture them through our programmes and inspire them to be best versions of themselves.

With God’s help, this is possible.

May all glory be to Him!



Mr Wee Tat Chuen