Board Games Club

Board games teach useful life skills and strongly complement classroom lessons. Skills like independent thinking, social skills and logic are cultivated through pitting wits against other players.

This year, the Board Games Club participated actively in various projects and initiatives. Club members participated in various local competitions (Chinese and International Chess, Wei Qi and Scrabble), where the students gained invaluable experience and improved their skills.

As part of our Values-in-Action (VIA) initiative, the club set-up board gaming meet-ups weekly, inviting all students to join for a few rounds of games. We also sought opportunities to play chess with the elderly at the day care facilities around the school.

During the Inter-House competition, the Club organised a Board Game competition. This was a novel experience which benefitted the students greatly.

The club also expanded its collection of games by including Euro-style board games that utilise novel game mechanics and are more varied in themes. These include popular games like Ticket to Ride, Coup, Forbidden Desert and many more.