Applied Learning Programme (ALP)




Theme: Sustainability – Promoting a Sustainable World.

Geylang Methodist School (Secondary) Applied Learning Programme in Science (ALP) adopts a contextualized approach in its curriculum design, exploring a common theme on sustainability with a unique programme for each level. We also collaborate with the relevant industries to provide students with opportunities to address real-world problems.


GMS(S) ALP adopts a blended approach where the Tier 1 ALP, conducted for all lower secondary students, is infused into the science curriculum, one hour per week for 10 weeks. Tier 2 ALP is targeted at Secondary 3 students, who are interested and passionate in the subject, and wish to further pursue sustainability at a higher level.


What Students Learn

Tier-1 programme exposes students to basic science principles and the use of instrumentation as they embark on investigative experiments / fieldwork and engage in a mini-project on Urban Heat Island (UHI) in Sec 1, and Urban Agriculture in Sec 2.


Tier-2 programme further develops students’ interest, abilities and attitudes towards STEM. The program provides a platform for the students to explore and connect their scientific knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems around them.


What the ALP Aims to Do

  • Provide opportunities for students to apply science and engineering concepts;
  • Encourage students to develop independent thinking, scientific curiosity and scientific inquiry through project-based learning, which incorporates 21 CC; and
  • Promotes interest in STEM subjects through inquiry-based experimentation under a Structured Experimentation Programme, which invites students to explore an idea, pose a question and to subsequently solve a problem or to test a hypothesis. This allows students to extend their learning beyond the walls of a classroom.
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