Photography & Videography Society (PVS)

PVS exposes its members to two areas of Information Technology: Photography and Videography. Apart from serving the school, we have different platforms that allow members to share their talents and be trained by professionals. This year, we have Kelvin Sng, the director of ‘Taxi Taxi’ and ‘Fortune Handbook’ as our training vendor. Our members have also gained some video production experience from the micro film ‘Unbroken’.

This year, members were sent to a conference (Singapore Students Photography Conference) at St Andrew Secondary School to share their skills with students from other schools. The Secondary 2 members also took part in the Schools Digital Media Awards organised by MOE.

They were also given a chance to showcase their talents to the public through a photo exhibition at Geylang East National Library. In addition, outings are conducted to further enhance their photography skills and to explore different parts of Singapore, plus learning more about our culture and history.


Photo Gallery - Members' works for the year 2017