Every GEM would be able to appreciate and develop a connection to music.



Students will be able to:

  1. Listen, observe, understand and make meaning of what they hear.
  2. Communicate their musical ideas through creative expression.
  3. See the value and recognise the relevance of music.



The objectives of the Music Curriculum are achieved through listening, creating and performing. These three behavioral domains of listening, creating and performing take into consideration the cognitive, affective and psychomotor dimensions that students are involved in when learning/making music.

The framework ensures that students are provided with opportunities to:

  • equip them with musical playing skills
  • observe their environment
  • generate ideas
  • create music
  • discuss about music
  • value the role of art(music) in society.


The Music Curriculum is offered to all students in the lower secondary. The modular structure of the Music Curriculum in GM allows the students to acquire skills in instrumental playing, singing as well as compositional skills.



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