Values-in-Action (VIA)

Values-in-Action Committeee

Values-In-Action (Learning for Life Programme)


Since 2014, the Values-In-Action (VIA) Programme has been an integral part of the school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP). The programme aims to nurture in our students the joy of lifelong learning and to develop in them a stronger intrinsic motivation to learn. The school’s VIA programme supports students’ development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills. VIA fosters student ownership over how they contribute to the community.

The school’s Values-In-Action programme hopes to develop in students lifelong skills and achieve the following objectives, where students are able to:


  1. Plan and implement ideas;
  2. Speak confidently and be an effective communicator - this includes championing for a cause and communicating at various levels;
  3. Reflect on their VIA journey so as to be a more empathetic and caring citizen; and
  4. Deepen their social and civic responsibility.

Secondary 1

The theme for the Sec 1 VIA programme is “Environmental Awareness”.

Our Sec 1 VIA project aims to develop in students a deeper understanding of environmental issues.  Through partnerships with Volunteer Welfare Organisations, which focus on a range of environmental efforts from maritime conservation to recycling efforts, students take part in various activities to care for the environment.

Secondary 2

The theme for Sec 2 VIA programme is “Singapore’s Ageing Population”, which focuses on the societal needs of the elderly in Singapore.

All Secondary 2 classes are attached to a Senior Activity Centre (SAC). Students participate in a learning journey to the SAC to discover the profile and needs of the elderly.  This will be followed by two engagement sessions with the elderly where they will conduct bonding activities and teach the elderly relevant skills, for instance how to create beautiful watercolour paintings, bake mooncakes and so on. With such activities, we hope to develop in students a sense of empathy to make a positive difference in the lives of the elderly.

Secondary 3

The theme for Sec 3 VIA programme is “Working for the Good of Society".

It is aligned with the current Social Studies syllabus where students are exposed to national concerns like ageing population, people with disabilities and underprivileged children. Building on this, talks by HDB, The Association for the Deaf and Harvest Care Centre are held in school. Each class will be assigned to one of the agencies to partner for their VIA project. To gain a deeper insight into the work of the agency and the profile of the beneficiaries, our students also go on a Learning Journey to the selected social agency. Thereafter, our students organize activities to meet the needs of the agency and beneficiaries; they will continue with this project when they are in Sec 4.

Secondary 4 & 5

Graduating students complete their VIA journey with the Capstone Project.  A culmination of all their VIA experiences and learning, this final VIA project consolidates students’ understanding of societal issues. This provides the platform for students to give back to the community.

Secondary 4 and 5 students take ownership over their capstone project as they deepen their engagement with the beneficiaries partnered in Secondary 3. Our graduating students are encouraged to think critically, solve challenging problems and develop lifelong learning skills of goal setting, self-sufficiency and team work.

Overseas Service Learning

The Overseas Service Learning (OSL) programme is part of the school’s VIA initiative and GEMS Challenge for Secondary 3 students. The OSL trips are held twice a year, in June and November. The programme aims to enable students to grow in mastery in specific areas of learning and service. In this GEMS Challenge, students also learn to work together and go the extra mile to contribute meaningfully to communities both in Chiang Mai and in Singapore.