ECG (Education & Career Guidance)

ECG (Education & Career Guidance) Overview


Education and Career Guidance (ECG) is about equipping students with the necessary knowledge, skills and values to make informed decisions for post- secondary education and career pathways and to promote lifelong learning.



Career Exploration (Lower Secondary)

Objective: To deepen students’ understanding of self and relate schooling to different education and career pathways.

Focus: Students would explore the career world, understand the relevant courses of study and develop awareness of their skills, interests and values.


Career Planning (Upper Secondary)

Objective: To enable students to gather information from various sources to make informed educational and career decisions.

Focus: Students would learn to clarify their career self-concept, develop skills in gathering information and develop decision-making skills.


ECG Fair

A key programme on our ECG calendar is the Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Fair, which is held annually at the end of Term 1. The ECG Fair aims to be a one-stop opportunity for our Secondary 4 and 5 students to acquire a better understanding of the post-secondary education landscape and various career options. At the ECG Fair, our students have the opportunity to attend talks held by tertiary institutions and industry partners as well as to dialogue with practitioners from the private sector and staff from various post-secondary institutions.