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GMS(S) Parents Support Group works in partnership with the school to support students’ and school activities. These include the Pupil Welfare Project, assisting at school camps, organising talks and assisting in volunteering activities. The PSG exco was formed in 2002 to form a bridge between the school and all parents. Other than the PSG, communication between parents and the school is supported during the Parent-Teacher Meet (held every semester), when parents interact with students’ form and subject teachers, as well as the Heads of Departments.


Parent Support Group Exco 2018

Role Name
Chief Advisor Peter Tay
EXCO Members :
Chairman Alicia Lim
Vice Chairman Paulyn Chioh
Vice Chairman Garion Chan
Vice Chairman Lisa Lim
Sec 1 Level Coordinator Paulyn Chioh
Sec 2 Level Coordinator Garion Chan
Sec 3 Level Coordinator Chong Liyan
Sec 4&5 Level Coordinator Serena Chua
Prayer Coordinator Chong Liyan


Partnership Through Prayer – (PSG Webpage)

PSG Registration Form click here.