Photo Gallery 2017

Level Camps

A new beginning for all GeMs as they start the New Year with level camps! Students from different levels bond over camp activities as they encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and learn to improve themselves through challenges they face during the level camps. The students would participate in variety of activities such as making edible cookies, building unique sandcastles at the beach and having a competition to see who could make the tallest tower with recycled materials.

Chinese New Year Celebration

Our own GeMs enjoyed stage performances by the Chinese Dance and Drama students along with solo acts to celebrate Chinese New Year 2017. Besides the performances, students also participate in the Hamper making competition where each class complete with one another to create the most aesthetically pleasing hamper.

Chinese New Year Block Party

The festivities doesn't just end in school, GeMs escorted the elderly living in the vicinity of the neighbourhood to celebrate and enjoy the performances by the Chinese Dance and Choir students.

Little Night Concert

The production reflects the hard work that the young talent of GMS(S) had put in. The GeMs band created melodious sounds and the Chinese Dance members swayed gracefully to the music. The harmony of vocals from the Choir further complimented the performances, leaving an impact on the audience.

93rd Founders' Day Service

GM turns 93 this year. The school commemorated Founders' Day with a service specially acknowledged different groups of students who have done well in academic and building characters. The occasion is celebrated with a time of praise and worship and performances by Chinese Dance.

93rd Founders' Day Dinner

To celebrate our 93rd anniversary, staff gathered together for a special dinner to commemorate our school and all the dedication provided by the teachers who have inspired and left a mark on the lives of many students. The dinner was accompanied by special performances from students and teachers.

Sports Day

Students come together in their respective house colours to compete against each other in games and races. They show their team spirit in cheer competitions to gain points to become the house champion. The true GM spirit is displayed through the contributions of each individual as every point matters and every member of the school contributed to a common goal.

National Day Celebration

The annual celebration of Singapore's birthday started with a procession led by the Girl Guides, Boys' Brigade and National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC). The flag was raised and the singing of the national anthem was accompanied by the school band. Performances were put by the students and teachers. A mascot contest was held where classes were challenged to construct the most creative costumes made from recycled materials.

Teachers' Day Celebration - Talent Time

On Teachers' Day to recognize and commemorate the efforts of the teachers in guiding the students, the multitude of unique performances included dance covers of popular songs as well as original songs dedicated to teachers and yoyo tricks that enthralled everyone. The first ever talent show that showcased the abilities of students through song and dance was held. There were also activities that called for crowd participation where students and teachers competed in general knowledge quizzes. There was a special percussion extravaganza performed by a class.