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Student-Initiated Learning (SIL)




Why Student-Initiated Learning?

Student-Initiated Learning on HBL days will provide dedicated time and space for students to explore their areas of interests by initiating learning activities on their own. Students will dedicate about an hour to discover, develop and deepen interests through self-directed learning and exploration.


What does Student-Initiated Learning look like in Geylang Methodist School (Secondary)?

In Geylang Methodist School (Secondary), we named our Student-Initiated Learning the STARS Programme.


Our Secondary 1 and 2 students will choose an interest in one area of the STARS and embark on a journey of self-discovery and development.


Sports and Wellness (E.g. Exercise, Health, Mental Health, Food)

Technology and Innovation (E.g. STEM, Coding, Robotics, Game Design)

Aesthetics (E.g. Music, Arts, Dance, Drama, Design, Language, Culinary)

Reading and Writing (E.g. Books, Novels, Poems, Plays, Educational Magazines, Journals)

Sustainable Living (E.g. Care for Environment and Nature, Recycling)


This is achieved through a structured process of discovering of interests and career choices with MySkillsFuture, followed by opportunities for self-directed exploration and learning to develop their areas of interests. Students will end the year with the opportunity to attend one of the STARS modules for Secondary 1 or MADD Fiesta (Music, Art, Dance and Drama) modules for Secondary 2, which is aligned to their area of interest. This will help them deepen their learning with the trainers who are experts in the various industries.


Semester 1: Individual Work

Semester 2: Individual/ Group Work

End-of-Year: Secondary 1 SHINE and Secondary 2 MADD Fiesta



No. Date Programme Duration Day Mode of Learning
Term 1  
1. 17 Jan Introduction to Student-Initiated Learning: STARS Programme



30 mins GEMS Time


Zoom Briefing
2. 25 Jan ECG Session 1 (MySkillsFuture) 1 hour HBL



Google Classroom


3. 9 Feb ECG Session 2 (MySkillsFuture)


Getting Started

-         Exploring Options

-         Deciding on Area of Interest

1 hour HBL


Google Classroom


4. 24 Feb Embarking on Journey – Activity 1 1 hour HBL




5. 28 Mar Embarking on Journey – Activity 2 1 hour HBL




6. 12 Apr Preparation of Presentation (Part 1) 1 hour HBL


7. 27 Apr Embarking on Journey – Activity 3 1 hour HBL




8. 12 May Embarking on Journey – Activity 4 Preparation of Presentation (Part 2)


1.5 hours HBL




9. Last week of May Showcase 2 hours During post-exam programme

(2 hours)




Click the link below for more information about the programme.