Design & Technology (D&T)


The Design and Technology (D&T) department aims to prepare students for the rapidly changing environment in the world by giving them opportunities to think and intervene creatively through the Design process. The curriculum is structured with the aim to develop in students the ability to contribute to society through knowledge and technology that are both innovative and intellectual.

Design appreciation exposes students to product awareness, product functions, aesthetics, design in society, and cultural and technological influences on design.

Through the design process, students learn and practise basic strategies and skills in research, analysis, ideation and development, evaluation and design communication.

Students will acquire basic making skills and related knowledge through the manipulation of resistance materials, simple modelling materials and basic technology; and the execution of appropriate techniques and processes in a workshop environment.

Through making, students also learn to use materials prudently and develop the habit of effective and efficient work processes in a safe manner.

The revised syllabus allows students to think and do, to visualise and concretise design solutions for real-world contexts. It involves the manipulation of non-verbal codes (e.g. sketches, diagrams and objects) in the material culture to translate between abstract requirements (e.g. intellectual engagement and appeals to children) and concrete objects; facilitating the constructive, solution-focused mindset in designing and making.

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