Physical Education

Physical Education And Food & Nutrition Departmente

1. Objectives of the PE programme

  •  to acquire a range of motor skills, concepts, principles and strategies to participate in 6 different physical activities
  • to display positive personal and social behaviour across different experiences and environments
  • to acquire health, diet, fitness and sports knowledge for lifelong commitment to a physically active and healthy lifestyle


2. The PE programme

  • Physical games and sports skills / concepts
  • Outdoor Education
  • Physical Health and Fitness


3. Modes of Assessment

  • NAPFA test  (PFT)
  • Games assessment / Theory assessment


4. Department Policy

  •  All pupils are to participate fully in PE lessons unless with valid medical certificates.
  • All pupils are to be in their House T-shirts and PE shorts for all PE lessons.
  • All pupils are to participate in sports events organised by the department.

(a)        Sports Day

(b)        Cross Country

(c)        Inter-house Games

(d)        Inter-class Games


5. PE as an O-Level subject

  • Those inclined to sports can offer Physical Education as an O-Level subject in Sec 3.
  • Through the 2 year curriculum, students will be able to appreciate the theoretical and practical aspects of PE.

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