Elements of Business Skills (EBS)


Elements of Business Skills (EBS) is under the purview of the Humanities Department. 


EBS is an elective subject offered at Secondary 3 for the Normal (Technical) course. It provides students with an opportunity to learn foundational business knowledge, transferable employability skills and values that will enable them to succeed in future areas of study and work. 


Students will learn about business activities, focusing on marketing and customer relations in the context of the three service industries, namely travel and tourism, hospitality and retail industries, in Singapore, as shown in Figure 1. 

Figure 1 Syllabus Focus 


Through the study of EBS, students will also develop decision-making skills and an enterprising mindset as they conduct research and evaluate information to make reasoned recommendations for businesses to make improvements. As students gain knowledge and exposure to trends and innovations in the Singapore business landscape, they also become more aware of the opportunities and challenges they may face in the future.


Please click here for the EBS syllabus and scheme of assessment.