Nutrition & Food Science


Objectives of NFS Programme

  • To develop students’ understanding of the concepts of nutrition and meal planning
  • To develop students’ understanding of the link between diet and health
  • To develop students’ understanding of the principles of food science
  • To equip students with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions concerning food and nutrition


NFS Core Skills Programme

  • Skills: Culinary skills and Methods of Cooking
  • Vocabulary: Common terminology used
  • Concept: Diet, Health and Food Management


Mode of Assessment

  • Written Test
  • Practical
  • Coursework


NFS as a Subject

  • Lower Secondary: a compulsory subject
  • Upper Secondary: Elective as an O-Level and N-Level subject
    • The syllabuses, which include content and coursework components, are taught over two to three years.
    • The coursework component develops students’ ability to apply a range of process skills, such as the ability to apply and synthesize knowledge and evaluate the outcome of a completed task.


NFS Signature Programmes

  • Secondary 1 Inter-Disciplinary Coursework (Food Photography), collaboration between NFS and Art Department
  • Secondary 2 Food Science Coursework (Investigative Experiment)
  • Lower Secondary Culinary Enrichment, conducted termly by NFS teachers
  • Secondary 3 Culinary Enrichment, conducted by external vendor

Sec 1 Inter-Disciplinary Coursework

Sec 2 Food Science Coursework

Sec 3 Culinary Enrichment