Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue Languages Departmente




  • To make the Mother Tongue languages ‘living’ languages and develop in students a lifelong interest in their Mother Tongue language and culture.
  • To equip students with listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in their Mother Tongue language in order to be effectively bilingual.

Emphasis in the Secondary School:

The Mother Tongue Department aims to build a strong foundation in our students in their mastering of Mother Tongue languages and inculcates in them moral values, cultures and traditions through interactive teaching, enriching learning activities and by creating conducive environment for the learning and using of MT languages.


Using newspapers, ICT, group work and various forms of assessment will be an integral part of our school-based curriculum. The key focus of our curriculum is to let our students enjoy their MTL and to be able to use it confidently and courageously in whatever situations.


During the Mother Tongue Fortnight Week, various language and cultural enrichment activities will be organised for the students. These activities will promote greater appreciation of the different cultures and the Mother Tongue Languages.


Some of the activities lined up for the students are:

For Chinese Language:

  • Mother Tongue Cultural Camp for Sec 1
  • Essay Competition
  • Language Game
  • Field Trips
  • Visit to Cultural Performances
  • Making of Video Clip




For Malay Language:

  • Mother Tongue Cultural Camp for Sec 1
  • Malay Heritage Tour/ Field Trips
  • Poetry Competition
  • Malay Language and Cultural Quiz and Games
  • Making of Video Clip
  • Making of traditional dessert (kuih)
  • Ketupat Weaving
  • Participation in National Language Month Activities