Mathematics / POA

Mathematics Departmente

Mathematics is an important subject and the main reason is it helps to develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills which are important life skills.

At the Mathematics Department in GMS(S), teachers will help the students gain confidence and competence in mathematics by deepening conceptual understanding, encouraging creative thinking and developing problem-solving skills. In addition to teacher-led lessons and activities, students will also participate in IT-infused lessons and group work. Our teachers aim to develop in our students a love for mathematics by drawing the relevance of the subject to real-life context.

Vision GMS(S) pupils will maximise their potential in Mathematics and Principles of Accounts in a vibrant environment where teaching and learning is exciting and meaningful and staff sense of professional fulfillment will be met.
Mission To provide a vibrant, exciting and meaningful teaching and learning environment where pupils’ potential in Mathematics and Principles of Accounts is maximised and staff sense of professional fulfillment is met.
Programmes ·         Mathematics Learning Support Programme *.·         Talent Development Programme *.

·         Ace-Learning Programme for Sec 1 to 3 students.

·         Mathspace Programme *.

·         Structured Remediation *.

* These programmes are offered to specific groups of students according to learning needs and interests.

Enrichment ·         Mathematics ‘Pi’ Week for Sec 1 pupils.·         Mathematics Week for Sec 2 and 3 pupils.

·         Mathematics Corner.

Subject Combination ·         Selected Normal (Academic) pupils will be offered ‘O’ Levels Mathematics and N(A) Additional Mathematics at Secondary Three.·         Selected Express pupils will be offered ‘O’ Levels Additional Mathematics at Secondary Three.