Mathematics / POA


Mathematics and Principles of Accounts are subjects that help students develop numeracy and analytical skills as well as logical thinking and problem-solving skills.


In the Mathematics Department, teachers are committed to helping students gain confidence and competence in the subjects by deepening conceptual understanding and encouraging creative thinking. In addition to teacher-led lessons and activities, students will have the opportunity to participate in IT-infused lessons and collaborative group work. Our teachers draw the relevance of the subjects to real-life context in lessons, developing in our students a passion for Mathematics and Principles of Accounts.



Aim To provide a vibrant, exciting and meaningful teaching and learning environment where students’ potential in Mathematics and Principles of Accounts is maximized and the staff’s sense of professional fulfillment is met.
Programmes Mathematics Learning Support Programme (MLSP)

Structured Remediation

Two GEMS Challenges for Secondary 3


GEMS Challenge 1: GEMS Entrepreneurship

Our GEMs Entrepreneurship programme equips students with the knowledge and skills to spark, build and manage their business ideas. Through this programme, young GEMs entrepreneurs develop an entrepreneurial mindset, generate the inspiration and creativity to think out of the box and identify new opportunities for innovation. They receive step-by-step guidance on what it takes to bring their business ideas alive and gain confidence in communicating and presenting their business ideas. Furthermore, they apply concepts learnt in various subjects through this journey of entrepreneurship.


GEMS Challenge 2: MathStudio

The MathStudio Challenge allows students to develop their creativity and analytical skills through the creation of Mathematics-related lesson videos. Students are equipped with videography skills and exposed to different multimedia software where they can apply to create good quality lesson videos.


This challenge helps students to stretch their conceptual understanding in numeracy by exploring the different domains (Numbers & Algebra, Geometry & Measurement, Statistics & Probability) and using the platform of creating videos to capture and add-value to their learning.


The creation of the in-house lesson videos aims to transform the students to be able to guide and support their peers in understanding the subject better. This challenge also provides a platform for the students to continue to connect with and inspire their peers to develop the passion for the subject beyond the classroom.


These programmes are offered to specific groups of students according to learning needs and interests.

Subject Combination At the Secondary 3 Level for both Express and Normal (Academic) stream, students have the opportunity to learn

·      Additional Mathematics

·      Principles of Accounts

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