Information & Communications Technology (ICT)


The ICT Department harnesses technology to provide an enriching learning experience for all GEMS. We aim to promote a pervasive culture of using ICT effectively in the school curriculum to enhance pedagogy that engages collaboration and self-directed learning. In order to maximise learning moments, the following programmes are implemented:


Digital Learning Roadmap envisioned for 2020 and beyond:

Levels of Service


Description Programme Target Audience When Theme





Level I

“Discovering & Building“

Baseline ICT Skills to level up the cohort 2x2hr elective programme







Sec 1 classes

Term 1 Laying Strong Foundations
Tier 1 – Introduction to coding 2hr workshop conducted within the classroom Term 4

(Post exam programme)

Passionate Learners as per School vision.
Level II

“Curious & Exploring”

Tier 2 – An advance module for those keen to explore coding with the aid of the Micro:Bit. 3x3hr class within the computer lab Sec 2  (max 40 students)



Term 2 (together with MADD) Building a GM community of learners
Level III

“Enthusiastic & Performing”

Keener students in the advanced class are spotted and trained. Further skills are honed at STEM competitions and hackathons Inter-school competitions Sec 2/3 students displaying good potential and interested to represent the school in external competitions




Semester 2





Building a GM community of learners

School values of Excellence and Mastery of skills

Level IV

“Passionate & Soaring”

GEMS challenge. Students are introduced to advanced languages like Python. Students in this tier seek their own objectives and may want to enter external competitions. GEMS Challenge



School provides support and link up with partners/entities to realise this vision.


Sec 3 GEMS Robotics Challenge





Whole year School values of Excellence and Mastery of skill

Note: The Levels of Service (LoS) Model by Treffinger - “Bringing Out the Best in Every Student”




IT Enrichment Programme 

With rapid advancements in technology and demand for 21st Century Competencies, the baseline ICT standards across all Singapore schools have seen continuous changes.  In order to meet these required baseline ICT standards, all Lower Secondary students in GM undergo a compulsory IT Enrichment Programme.  ITP is incorporated into curriculum time, allowing a seamless integration with other subjects.  The strategic focus of ITP is to equip students with 21st Century Skills, with a strong emphasis on computing, digital fluency and core competencies.


  • Baseline ICT Trainingis taught in Secondary One to level up and develop the skills needed to accomplish tasks, which may be required of the students in subjects that require report writing; and research, data crunching and presentation skills.


  • Micro:Bit Programming Tier I is introduced to Secondary One students to initiate students into coding via the use of drag and drop input programming tools to elicit an appropriate output via the Micro:Bit, a sensor based microcontroller. Students create animations and simple games to explore the wonders of making their own thinking visible.


  • Micro:Bit Programming Tier II is an elective programme for our Secondary Two students in MADD Fiesta, an annual Secondary Two post-examination programme. In this Tier II programme, students can further enhance their computational thinking skills by creating controllable racing car models and programmable LED lighting systems with the Micro:Bit.


Students who show potential and talent are then recruited to participate in regional and inter-school competitions. They are also invited to showcase their learning at international symposiums on Educational Technology.


Through the use of technology, we hope to maximise every learning opportunity by being current, student-centred and future-thinking.



Programmes & Activities


Micro:Bit Programming Tier 1


Micro:Bit Programming Tier 2


Competitions and Hackathons

Above: MakeX Online 2020 using Python programming



Above: Nanyang Polytechnic Science and Technology Competition 2020 – Rescue Rangers Event – 2nd Runners Up and Most Innovative Software design



Sharing our Learning 

Above: EduTech Asia