ICT & ACT Departmente

The Media Development Authority has come out with a masterplan that by 2015, seven out of 10 Singaporeans will become media literate and be equipped with the skills to create content and use media responsibly for work, learning and play. This goal is to prepare Singaporeans to gear up for the digital age.

To prepare our students for the digital age, students are trained in various IT skills to:

  • gather and record relevant information from a variety of sources to build knowledge and generate ideas
  • use and organize information to make connections to verify, predict and solve problems
  • present information and ideas to share knowledge
  • use communication technology to interact with others


IT is integrated in our curriculum. For example, to support the school’s niche area in aesthetics, digital music and animation is introduced for the lower secondary classes. In addition, the school has an e-learning platform where ready-made commercially produced teaching resources on various subjects are available for use by the teachers. These resources include lesson tools, online quiz, feedback etc. A resident IT trainer equips our teachers with IT skills and conducts IT enrichment programme for our students.